Learn by Examples : Applied Machine Learning, Data Science and Time Series Forecasting using End-to-End R and Python Codes to Solve Real-World Business Problems.

End-to-End Applied Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Recipes / Codes / Projects in Python & R.

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End-to-End Python & R Recipes

WA Center for Applied Machine Learning & Data Science

End-to-End Applied Machine Learning & Data Science Recipes in Jupyter Notebooks using Python and R. FREE, MONTHLY and YEARLY subscriptions are available.

About us

Hi, I am Nilimesh Halder, PhD, an Applied Data Science & Machine Learning Specialist and the guy behind "WACAMLDS: Learn through Codes". I did my PhD in Artificial Intelligence & Decision Analytics from the School of Computer Science & Software Engineering at The University of Western Australia (UWA). I have been working in Applied Data Science & Machine Learning for the past 12+ years, together with 16+ years of experiences in SQL, R and Python programming & coding. My specialisations are in applied Business Data Science & Forecasting.

My objective is to make you (Beginners, Developers, Students and Business Professionals) awesome at Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Modelling, Forecasting & Business Analytics. We take the unconventional, application & result oriented top-down approach (i.e. Learn Data Science by Coding without deep diving into the theory) to develop & deploy Predictive Models. At WACAMLDS, you will find End-to-End "Applied Machine Learning & Data Science" Codes / Scripts / Programs suitable for Students, Beginners, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Business Professionals. All codes are written in popular programming languages such as Python & R using the widely used Machine Learning frameworks e.g. scikit-learn, H2O, FBprophet, XGBoost, CatBoost, LightGBM, Ludwig, TensorFlow, Keras and TuriCreate.

WACAMLDS provides end-to-end projects that build your "Applied Machine Learning & Data Science" portfolio and make you employer competent. 

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